I have experience in countless large and small marketing campaigns consisting of almost all types of media, including video, web, print, audio, social, email, all things digital and more.   My primary job throughout my career consisted of branding, sales, new product launches, sales support, advertising and tradeshows, launching high budget marketing campaigns based on these action items and events.  View Samples and Case Studies

Digital Marketing

As a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a BA in Digital Media and Marketing, I have trained, gotten certified and became experienced in over 170 digital products since 2006, offering just over 16 years of experience in the field launching thousands of campaigns.  View Samples and Case Studies

Web Design

My journey through web design began in 2003 using basic HTML and since then I have created nearly 100 websites (including this one) and became well versed and experienced in several website languages, including ASP, PHP, CSS and WordPress.  I have the ability to edit, create from scratch or manipulate preloaded designs in WordPress to include eCommerce Solutions, tiered login capabilities with user profiles, cutting edge parallax displays and just about anything else.  If I don’t know of it, I’m sure I can learn it as I have done for the last 19 years.  View Websites


I have planned and attended hundreds of tradeshows under my management experience over 15 years, large and small, domestic and abroad, planning every piece for my company from beginning to end, including booth space, collateral, display graphics, meetings, product presentation, hospitality events, incentives – everything.  The largest events consisted of over 1500 sqft of booth space with a massive booth build with hanging signs and over 10,000 pounds of equipment as shown in the image above.  View Tradeshows

Graphic Design

Using the Adobe Creative Suite line of programs, I am extremely versatile with hands on knowledge and experience in graphic design for large format print, vehicles, email campaigns, brochures, die cuts, and so much more.  I am a creative designer, consistently finding better ways to communicate effectively.

Advertising Campaigns

I have developed from inception and launched thousands of advertising campaigns throughout my career using traditional and digital media.  Advertising campaigns consisted of nearly all types of mediums, including video, audio, email, digital, social, and more.

I’m ready to embark on a path of opportunity

Currently open to blaze a path where i can be of great importance while showcasing my expertise.